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What to Note for Using Radar Level Gauges

January 16, 2023

Radar level gauges work based on microwave pulse and since the transmission of microwave signals is not affected by the atmosphere, they can work fine in harsh environments such as volatile gases, high temperature, high pressure, steam, vacuum and dust in the process.

However, when using radar level gauge, we should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The level of medium in dynamic tanks with violent surface fluctuations; 2. The level of the medium with high temperature and high pressure; 3. The level of high-viscosity medium (such as asphalt, crude oil, etc.) in the tank; 4. The level of toxic, harmful and volatile unstable media.

Radar level sensor


For these cases, we should pay attention to the right product model selection. For examples, when there is strong dust in tanks, we can use high-frequency radar level sensors instead ordinary radars. Different types of radar level sensors suit work fine in different cases. Contact our engineers for the most suitable product recommendation and professional instructions for product use, installation, and maintenance.


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