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Passive Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Thermocouple temperature sensor is a passive sensor. Based on the thermoelectric effect of temperature measurement principle, it has a wide range of temperature measurement (-40-1800℃) and stable performance.

Application :

●Thermocouple sensor

●Used in bolier and pipeline etc...

●Temperature measurements of gases and liquids

●Solid surface temperature measurement

01Passive temperature sensor with lowest price.
02Used for high temperature(max 1800℃) measurement environment with stable performance.
03Simple structure and remote transmission of 4-20ma output.
04Thermocouple sensor manufacturer.

thermocouple datasheet




Technical Data

Passive Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

Index No

 K / E / J / T type / PTC or customized.


Measuring range

-50-+ 200 ℃ (default)

-200-+ 200 ℃

-50 ℃-+ 420 ℃ or customized.


2B, B, A, 1 / 3B etc. available

Probe Diameter

Φ4mm, φ2, φ3, φ5, φ6mm or customized

Probe length

30mm (default), 10,20,40,50,60,70,80,90,100mm or customized

Cable Length

0.5 m, 5 m or customized

Probe Material

Seamless 304


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