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HTS102 Integrated Type Temperature Sensor

Explosion-Proof Temperature Transmitter hermetically sealed housing make it suitable the given measuring ranges are also available in mbar, kPA and MPa.for immersion in most industrial liquids and oils.

Application :

● Pipeline and ventilation system

● Hydraulic and pneumatic system

● Petrochemical industry

● Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

● Cooling system

● Heating system

● Air conditioning system(HAVC)

01Simple installation and multifarious-temp scope
02Gas and liquid medium available
03Medium compatible 316L stainless steel
04Excellent long time stability and lower consumption
05Smaller diemension and compact structure
06Response fast and high accuracy

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data

Measurement Range

-50~+200°C Customized


4~20mA,RS485,Resistive signal type optional

Sensor type

PT100 ,PT1000

Probe Dimension

Φ6; Φ8 optional

Power supply


Pressure port

Insert type


0.5%F.S optional

Environment temp



CE,ExiaII CT6 Ga


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