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YI400 Non contact infrared thermometer

The Non contact infrared thermometer is mainly used for forehead, arm and human body temperature measurement. Based on the wireless design, it can avoid laser damage to the eyes and cross-infection. Therefore, whether it is infants, medical or home is the best choice.

Application :

●Body temperature measurement

●Skin temperature measurement

●Object temperature measurement

●Liquid temperature measurement

●Medical or household

01Non-contact design without cross infection.
02Within 1 sencond response to the LCD digital display.
03Omni-directional body, liquid and object temperature measurement, it's simple and convenient to use.
04Don't need to change the battery frequently with low power consumption.
05Dedicated to babies, and carefully guard your health.

Non contact infrared thermometer for temperature measurement

Technical Data
Product name Non-contact Infrared thermometer
Battery DC 3V,2*AAA Alkaline battery
Maximum error ± 0.2°C(within 32°C—42.5°C)
Measurement time ≤2 seconds

Temperature measure range

32°C—42.5°C(high accuracy)
Measurement distance 3cm—5cm
Automatic shutdown 15 seconds
Size 150*90*42mm
Weight 172g
Color Backlight wiht 2 different colors:orange-green,red
Normal working environment 10°C—40°C       Humidity ≤ 85
Stock environment -10°C—50°C       Humidity ≤ 85
Highlights: 1.Support temperature warning              2.Support temperature proofread
                  3.Support voice promt                             4.Support reviewing the temperature record


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