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UE3001 Non Contact Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter

The non contact ultrasonic liquid level meter have all gold-plated circuit boards, internal electromagnetic shielding and software digital filter are tested for (industrial) 48 hour under high and low temperature aging. It promises higher and long-term reliability.

Application :

● Non contact liquid level measurement

● Grout pool level monitoring

● Slurry pool level measurement

● Storage tank measurement

01Support M60*2 mm threaded into type and coil clamping type installation
02Many model output optional customizable 4-20ma three-wire system
03Less than 200ms responsible time to make sure more accuracy
04 Wide range of application,Sealed high-temperature toxic volatile
05Housing adopts the NLEPE synthetic material IP66 waterproof,Anti-Skid,Anti-corrosion
06High quality terminal blocks ,Excellent anti-jamming is strong, long term stability

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data

Level Range

A : 5-15m      B : 20-30m


1~5V/0~5V;4-20mA/RS485,RS232/NPN swith or relay  

Bline Zone


Power supply


Working temp


Pressure port

M68*2.0 male


Liquid , Solid


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