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HPT708 Monocrystal Silicon Differential Pressure Transmitter

HPT708 DP transmitter for Oxygen clean sensors & instruments which have sensor cells that are dry or filled with a halocarbon oil fill, which will not burn when exposed to an ignition source in an Oxygen environment.

Application :

● Liquid oxygen/ nitrogen/CO2 level application

● Automatic testing system

● Storage and fuel, Oil, Water Tank applications

● Gas DP pressure measurement

● Chemistry Industry level application

● Petrochemical industry

01Filling fluid Halocarbon oil /100% O2 compatible
02All media wetted parts are cleaned oil grease free
03Improved EMC resistance and reduced installation sensitivity
04Linearized and temperature -compensated output signal
05Calibration of zero /Span and Turn -down
06It can be used in areas where there is a risk that the device will be exposed to high levels of pure Oxygen

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data
Pressure range -1~1 kPa -6~6 kPa -40~40kpa -100~40kpa -200~200Kpa -4000~4000Kpa
High&Low port overload 10bar 20bar 30bar 100bar 100bar 100bar
Max Static Pressure 160 Bar 160Bar 250Bar 250Bar 250 Bar 250 Bar
Accuracy ≤±0.075%F.S ≤±
0.1%F.S(for 4-20mA );Optional
Stability Standard: 
0.075%F.S, Max:0.1%F.S
Working Temp -40℃~85℃ 
(flurocarbon oil:-10~60℃;)
Temperature Compensation 0~50℃
Medium compatible Compatible with 316L Stainless Steel
Electronic Wire 2 Wires 3 Wires 4 Wires
Output 4~20mA 4~20mA + HART 0~5V 0~10 V RS485 MODBUS RTU
Power Supply 12~36Vdc 12~36Vdc 12~36Vdc 15~36Vdc 10~30Vdc
Load resistance (U-10)/0.02(Ω ) >100kΩ   Max 255
Insulate resistance >100M Ω @100V
Filled oil Halocarbon oil or fluorocarbon oil
(suitable for oxygen/nitrogen/CO2 medium)
Electronic connect Fixed cable and water proof IP67;
DIN43650 Hirschman Terminal Box IP65 optional
Mounting connect M30*1.5 male thread with fix O-rings.
Pressure mounting 1/4”-18NPT Female hose connection;
G1/4” male; G1/2” male or by customized
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