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HPT702 Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Low range air differential pressure transmitter provides an accurate solution available from 0-50pa to 0-500Kpa DP. Incorporating the latest silicon sensor and electronics technologies, 4-20mA transmitters are fully temperature compensated for unrivalled stability at very low pressure.

Application :

● Leak detection device

● Boiler

● Brewing

● locomotives

● non-conductive non-corrosive gas

● HAVC Air differential pressure

01Making it ideal for accurate measuring the total well depth
02Self-contained power supply
03Fast response, suitable for noisy or adverse conditions
04An ultra-wide user defined conductivity range allows for use in different
05Audible and visible alarms activated when the probe makes

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data

Pressure Range:

0 to 2kPa…1000KPa,±1kPa…±100kPa,-1Bar-1...10Bar optional

Static Pressure



≤±1.0%F.S.  ≤ ±0.5%F.S  Optional

Long Time Stability:

Standard: 0.25%F.S

Working Temp:


Zero Point Temp Drift:


Full Scale Temp Drift:


Zero Error:


Total Error:


Medium compatible:

Air or non-corrosive gas

Electronic Wire:

2 Wire

3 Wire




0~5 V

Power Supply:

12 ~ 30 V DC

10~ 30 V DC

10~ 30 V DC


connect port:

RG=Ø6.5 gas mouth or M10*1 male thread optional.

EMC Standard:



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