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H2603 Wireless Temperature Sensor with Holykell Cloud Platform

Wireless temperature sensors are designed for temperature monitoring. Based on the "integrated" design and HOLYKELL's iot cloud platform, it can effectively monitor the temperature in different temperature environments such as barns, laboratories and pharmaceutical warehouses.

Application :

●Remote temperature monitor

●Boiler and industrial oven temperature monitoring

●Temperature monitoring in greenhouses

●Other inflammable and explosive conditions

01High explosion-proof grade is applicable to any inflammable and explosive conditions.
02High-precision PT100/PT1000 temperature monitoring on HOLYKELL cloud platform.
03Meticulous iron-sand filling, more sensitive to temperature.
04Integrated/split design, flexble temperature measurement.
05Easy to read with the largest LCD display.
05CE, ROSH and ATEX are approved.

Wireless temperature sensors for temperature monitoring



Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data
Product Name H2602 Wireless Temperature Sensor
Measurement Range integrated type: -200 ° C ~ 200 ° C; split type:200 ° C ~ 800 ° C
Configuration method Local USB / remote configuration
Working power 3.6V,19Ah (Can be replaced by yourself)
Battery Life 5 years (send data every hour)
Power consumption Normal work 70mA sleep is less than 0.1mA, data sending and receiving 330mA
Display 2.4 inch large size LCD screen
Network format NB-IOT/GPRS/4G
Antenna External waterproof antenna
SIM Card Built-in SIM card
Sampling interval 1 time / min


Data transmission Interval

5min(Note: The battery life of the sensor will be extremely short)
10min(Note: The battery life of the sensor will be very short)
30Min,60min,360min,720min,1440min IOTTime interval for monitoring terminal to periodically report wireless data
Note: The reporting interval may be slightly different from the standard time
Wake-up mode Buttons, timing, USB
Upload information Pressure, temperature, signal, battery power
Working temperature -30℃~+70℃(Medium does not crystallize)
Accuracy 0.5
Temperature influence 0.015%F.S/℃
Waterproof level Normal IP66/Explosion-proof type IP68
Weight Normal 0.55kg/ Explosion-proof type 1.5kg
Installation Vertical and horizontal installation
Certificate CE、ROSH,  Exia IIC T6 Ga



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