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4800 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flow meter consisted of 4800-type flow sensor and 4800-type smart converter 4800-E Sanitary type supporting. It applies to measure (is fit for the measurement of ) the volume flow of conductive medium including the acid, alkali, salt solution, slurry, pulp, paper pulp, waste water.

Application :

● tap water

● sewage treatment

● Metallurgy

● Chemical

● Textile

● Food

● Paper

● pharmaceutical 

01It is the volume flow of liquid and solid two-phase fluid (It is used to measure the conductivity which is greater (bigger) than 5μs/cm of closed pipeline that and the volume flow of fluid and solid two-phase fluid flow rate.
02And it is not affected by the temperature of the liquid, viscosity, density, pressure, liquid-solid composition, conductivity of liquid. It has high accuracy and stable working ability.
03It can be used to measure the fluid medium of other conductive liquid or liquid-solid two-phase flow after the calibration just ordinary water without any additional calibration.

Holykell-Measuring Instrument

Technical Data

Measure accuracy


Flow range


Ambient temp


Flow output signal

0~10mA/4~20mA /Pulse/MODBUS/HART

Supply voltage

AC220V or DC24V

Sensor connection

Flanged, threaded connection,clamping connection type

Lining material

PTFE,neoprene,polyurethane rubber,rubber acid


ExiaII CT6

Protection class


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