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What is Finger Pulse Oximeter?

May 06, 2020

The rapid development of finger pulse oximeter is beyond our expectation. But to our greater surprise, the finger pulse oximeter uses noninvasive infrared technology not only to monitor oxygen saturation in the fingers, but also in the toes and ears and other parts of the body. But with the rapid growth of the global population, the audience of finger pulse oximeters is becoming more and more divided. In fact, whether it is medical equipment or daily life, we will distinguish between adult products and baby products, the purpose is to prevent cross-infection, avoid material chemical damage to the skin.

From a professional point of view, not all finger pulse oximeters are blood oxygen saturation measurement equipment. The blood oximeter produced by different manufacturers not only has different size and specification, but also has different digital display value. We often say that the blood oxygen saturation monitoring is Sp02, it is generally a percentage to show the human health status. But the body's oxygen saturation depends on a number of factors, the most important of which is that the body's ability to supply blood is measured poorly, so the value of Hb02 also drops.

Finger pulse oximeter is the ability of red blood cells and oxygen to determine the health of the body. So some athletes inject hormones to add more red blood cells, so that the more red blood cells there are, the more oxygen-carrying capacity they have, giving them an advantage in competition. In addition, people have 20 to 30 trillion red blood cells per year, and men have 20 percent more red blood cells than women. I say so much because I want you to have a comprehensive understanding of the finger pulse oximeter.


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