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High Quality Non Contact Infrared Thermometer---Recommended by Doctors

April 16, 2020

Non contact infrared thermometer is a household medical device for daily body temperature monitoring, which is simple and convenient to use. Not only can it monitor the temperature data of family members at any time, but it is also an essential tool recommended by doctors to prevent diseases and viruses!

Safe and pollution-free

Non contact infrared thermometer is recommended by doctors is because of the safety of its use. The non-contact measurement method can effectively avoid cross-infection. At the same time, compared with the mercury pollution caused by the damage of traditional mercury thermometers , it provides environmentally friendly and non-toxic measurement methods, is safer and more reliable to use.

Accurate and fast measurement

Non contact infrared thermometer is equipped with an exceptional microchip and a high sensitivity sensor. The accuracy range is only 0.2˚C / 0.4˚F. With a single button, you will get an accurate reading in 1 second.

Wide range of uses with diverse modes

Besides the forehead (suitable for all ages) and the ear (only for children over 3 months), non contact infrared thermometer can also test the temperature of objects (baby milk, food, bathwater, etc.) . It brings great convenience to family life.

After using non contact infrared thermometer, please protect the sensor lens and clean it in time to ensure the normal use of the product next time. During the extraordinary period, we need to conduct proper body temperature monitoring every day to ensure the safety of ourselves and others.


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