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The function and features of portable pulse oximeter

May 12, 2020

The function and features of portable pulse oximeter

Nowadays, oxygen saturation (SpO2) checking is becoming more and more popular. Portable pulse oximeter allows you to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate anytime and anywhere without going to the hospital to queue up and register, which is time-consuming and laborious. So what are the functions and characteristics of the portable oximeter? Is it the same as what we measured in the hospital?

Portable pulse oximeter we often come into contact with mainly monitor pulse rate and oxygen saturation. Blood oxygen saturation is very important basic data, it can more directly reflect the blood oxygen saturation in the human body. The finger oximeter uses light-emitting diodes to emit red light and infrared light, and the brightness after passing through the finger skin and musculoskeletal tissues to detect the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of the human body. Its safety, accuracy are in full compliance with EU CE standard, which can completely achieve the same effect as measured in the hospital.

Generally, portable pulse oximeter for household use has a finger clip type (it is very convenient to use), the product is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. No matter where you are, just put your finger into the measurement work chamber, it can quickly enter the detection state . After the measurement is completed, the LCD display freezes the measurement results and you can easily read the data. And with over-limit and low-battery sound version prompt function, the over-limit sound prompt can be adjusted to the upper and lower limits, truly realize intelligent measurement.


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