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A brief report on the measurement accuracy of infrared thermometers

April 17, 2020

Infrared thermometer is used as a screening tool for fever in the initial stage of various units, and has been questioned a lot. This is because the infrared thermometer has certain errors in the measurement process. Many people worry that there will be certain hidden dangers. Next let us verify the error range of infrared thermometer and how to avoid the error caused by improper operation.

We verified the temperature readings of the company through three different infrared thermometers. The measurement error of the infrared thermometer was determined by measuring the forehead temperature of 1000 healthy subjects in the normal temperature range. The results prove that there are very small errors in the detection of readings obtained by 3 different handheld infrared thermometers, and the error range is 0.1-0.3 ℃. Then we chose one of the forehead temperature guns to take multiple measurements of the body temperature of the same healthy person. The measured data difference is about 0.2 ℃, which belongs to the error range of the normal infrared thermometer.

Under normal circumstances, the infrared thermometer measurement error is very small, but the huge error from some customers' reflection may be due to some improper behavior during use, such as: there is an obstruction in front of the forehead during the temperature measurement, measuring body temperature immediately after violent exercise , taking the temperature measurement after swimming or hot compress, and suddenly enter the room to measure the body temperature after long-term outdoor activities or even place the forehead gun in an excessively high or low ambient temperature. These improper operations will affect the forehead gun accurcy and brings a lot of errors. As long as we use the forehead temperature gun in accordance with the requirements of the user manual, its accuracy range is still very reliable among body temperature measuring instruments in the market.


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