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Forehead infrared thermometer measurement error for your wrong using method

April 21, 2020

Due to the recent surge in the use of forehead infrared thermometer, in order to ensure better use of thermometers and provide better market services, the after-sales department of infrared thermometer manufacturers conducted a visit on the use of infrared thermometers. During the visit, we received feedbacks from some users that there was a large error in the use of infrared thermometers. After investigation, we found that it was not that the measurement error was large, but the user had ignored the following important points in the process of use.

Forehead infrared thermometer senses the infrared radiation energy emitted from the measured part of the human body through the measurement probe, and determines the body surface temperature of the human body according to the size of the radiation energy and its distribution according to the wavelength and its surface temperature. Therefore, before using, we first must adjust to the body temperature mode, not the surface temperature mode. Secondly, the working environment temperature of the forehead thermometer is generally between (16 ~ 35) ℃, when using it, direct sunlight and ambient heat radiation should be avoided. It is better to maintain the thermal balance between the front thermometer, the subject and the ambient temperature. Furthermore, it should be noted that the measurement site should be aligned and should be perpendicular to the center of the forehead and above the eyebrow. Finally, the measurement distance should be kept well. The distance between the forehead thermometer and the forehead is generally (3 to 5) cm, and it cannot be close to the forehead of the person being tested. During the measurement, the testee's forehead should be free from obstructions such as sweat stains and hair.

The manufacturer's technical staff said that before using forehead infrared thermometer, please be sure to carefully read the manual in the box to ensure the correct measurement method. At the same time, take multiple measurements and take the average method (generally in two measurement data the difference does not exceed 0.3 ℃), which can bring us accurate temperature measurement data.


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