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Fingertip pulse oximeter---Small size with great function

April 21, 2020

With the continuous improvement of medical level, fingertip pulse oximeter has played a very important role in daily life, especially some patients with respiratory diseases need to use oximeter to detect the effect of treatment in daily life. So what are the advantages of finger oximeter?

First of all, the traditional blood oxygen measurement needs to go to the hospital for blood collection, and fingertip pulse oximeter is a non-invasive, continuous detection of human artery blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of new medical instruments. It can monitor both pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation without spending a lot of time queuing in the hospital, reducing physical trauma and also saving us a lot of time costs.

Secondly, fingertip pulse oximeter is small in size, low in power consumption, easy to use and easy to carry. Especially for the elderly, the simple operation and the large screen reading increase the convenience of use. For the first use, just press the Reset button, wait for the screen to display the ready status, and then press the grip opening, and then put your left or right middle finger into the working warehouse, then you can see the infrared light inside the working warehouse. Press the key on the panel, you can quickly and accurately measure blood oxygen, so that you know whether you are currently hypoxic and easily grasp your current health status.

Fingertip pulse oximeter is used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of the human body with fingers. It is suitable for families, hospitals (including medical and surgical departments, anesthesiology, pediatrics, intensive care, etc.), oxygen bars, community medical , sports and health care. It brings great convenience to the health monitoring in our lives.


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