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User's guide of non-contact infrared thermometer

April 02, 2020

With the continuous development of infrared technology, the best design and new progress of non-contact infrared thermometer provide people with multi-function and multi-purpose instrument. There was also agreement on ease of use and calibration. When we choose the thermometer, we should first determine the measurement requirements, such as the temperature of the measured target, the size of the measured target, the measurement distance, the material of the measured target, the environment of the target, the response speed, the measurement accuracy, the ease of use and so on. In the comparison of various types of existing thermometer, choose the instrument model that can meet the above requirements, and choose the best combination of high performance and low price among many product models.



Understanding the working principle, technical index and measuring environment of the non-contact infrared thermometer is the basis for selecting and using the infrared thermometer correctly. The optical system gathers the infrared radiation energy of the target in its field of view. The size of the field of view is determined by the optical parts and position of the thermometer. The infrared energy is focused on the photoelectric detector and converted into the corresponding electrical signal, which is converted into the temperature value of the measured target after being corrected by the amplifier and signal processing circuit according to the algorithm in the instrument and the target emittance. In addition, anything above absolute zero is emitting infrared radiation of energy into the surrounding space. The size of an object's infrared radiation energy and its distribution by wavelength are closely related to its surface temperature. Therefore, through the infrared energy measurement of the object's own radiation, the surface temperature can be accurately determined, which is the objective basis of infrared radiation temperature measurement.

In order for the non-contact infrared thermometer to obtain an accurate temperature reading, the distance between the thermometer and the test target must be within a suitable range. The so-called "spot size" is the area of the measuring point of the thermometer. Therefore, when determining the measurement distance, it should be ensured that the target diameter is equal to or greater than the measured spot size.


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