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The Target Users of Portable Pulse Oximeter

May 08, 2020

There are so many people all use portable pulse oximeter, but you don't know what it does or who it's for. Because the engineers of the oximeter had fully considered the pertinancy of the product in the early stage of development. So, if you're in a specific population and you're using an oximeter, you're going to get twice the result with half the effort.

Portable pulse oximeter prevents vascular disease

The so-called vascular disease refers to the vascular lumens have lipid deposition, blood flow or difficult to supply oxygen cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients. Their bodies are starved of oxygen every day, and in some cases they suffer heart attacks that lead to sudden death. This danger can be avoided if the portable pulse oximeter is used to monitor oxygen saturation at certain times.

Portable pulse oximeters are used for respiratory diseases

People who have difficulty breathing can reduce their oxygen intake. Second, the persistence of asthma can cause small bronchial tubes to become blocked, leading to lack of oxygen. At this time with blood oxygen analyzer to detect the blood oxygen content can greatly reduce the incidence of the disease.

Portable pulse oximeter to avoid alcohol poisoning

The body needs three units of oxygen for each unit of alcohol it completely breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, lack of oxygen is one of the important manifestations of drunkenness. But chronic alcoholics have developed a tolerance to alcohol and oxygen deprivation that is largely undetectable under mild intoxication. Therefore, keep an oxygen monitor with you so as to keep abreast of the alcoholic's physical condition and degree of intoxication and avoid alcoholism.

So that's the target users of portable pulse oximeter. Based on the above usage environment, we can help our friends and family in time.


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