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The measuring principle of oxygen finger reader

May 07, 2020

After years of technical optimization, the oxygen finger reader has achieved good results. However, there is no end to the exploration of technical knowledge, both manufacturers and medical experts have different views on the measurement principle of blood oximeter.

They're working with oxygen finger readers and they're doing it basically on a technical level and a medical level. They believe in the measurement of blood oxygen, reduction of hemoglobin and oxygen and hemoglobin of different wavelengths of light absorption is there are differences, poor data measured in laboratory, is the most basic data, measurement of blood oxygen saturation in blood oxygen test 660 nm and 910 nm, the two most common wavelengths in fact to do higher precision, besides two wavelength increase, even as high as 8 wavelength, the main reason is that in addition to the reduction of hemoglobin and human hemoglobin oxygenated hemoglobin, there will be other hemoglobin, we often see is carbon oxygen hemoglobin, more the precision of wavelength is good for you to do better.

The above is a summary of the measurement principle of oxygen finger reader. However, in the actual use environment, we pay more attention to the cost performance and simplicity, the measurement principle is just the basis.


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