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Which body parts can forehead infrared thermometer measure

April 16, 2020

Forehead infrared thermometer is an infrared temperature measurement tool. It is designed to measure the forehead temperature of the human body easily and quickly. In the windless environment, just keep the infrared temperature gun on the bridge of the nose and in the middle of the two eyes with 3-5cm vertical distance where is the radiation source closest to normal body temperature, you can get temp data. Pay attention to keep the forehead dry when using it, without hair covering to avoid affecting the measurement results. The measurement result of the forehead gun is highly accurate, and it can accurately measure the temperature in only 1 second, without radiation, and without damage to the eyes and skin mucosa.

You will also find that people often use forehead infrared thermometer to measure the wrist and neck. This is because the forehead is exposed skin, which is greatly affected by the outside temperature, especially in windy weather, or cyclists, there will be measurement errors due to the wind on the forehead. For this situation, it is recommended to measure the warmer parts of the neck, wrists, etc. Because these two parts are covered with clothing, the body temperature is relatively constant, and the measurement results will be more accurate.

After the above explanation, we know that forehead infrared thermometer can be measured against the forehead, wrists and neck! Now that the forehead temperature gun has become a basic line of defense to protect us, I hope that everyone will actively cooperate with body temperature measurement when entering the public area, and at the same time, pay tribute to the medical staff and community workers holding the "forehead temperature gun"!


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