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How to use finger pulse oximeter correctly

May 07, 2020

Finger pulse oximeter is an instrument that checks blood oxygen. Hypoxic patients or the elderly should use the oximeter for a long time to detect oxygen saturation (SpO2) , which can effectively prevent dangers and greatly reduce the chance of disease onset. Let's take a look at the correct use of oximeter.

When using a finger pulse oximeter, jsut follow the following steps:

1.Press the function key on the front panel to turn on the power and pinch the clip of the oximeter.

2. Put one of the fingers completely into the cavity of the oximeter.

3.Press the function key again to change the display direction and read the data on the display.

It should be noted that the finger clip oximeter uses light-emitting diodes to emit red light and infrared light to detect the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of the human body through the brightness of the finger skin and musculoskeletal tissue. Therefore, when measuring, we need to point the red light of the oximeter to the fingertip, not the nail shell, because only the fingertip has rich tissues and blood vessels to make the blood oxygen measured. Normal blood oxygen should be between 90 and 100. If it is lower than 90, it means hypoxemia and symptomatic treatment need to be taken.

Finger pulse oximeter can easily measure the body's oxygen saturation (SpO2) (judging the body's hypoxia) and pulse rate anytime and anywhere within several seconds, it is a good healthy helper for fitness monitoring of to family members.


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