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Ultrasonic water level meters used for food grade level monitoring

April 09, 2020

When it comes to ultrasonic water level meters, I'm sure everyone has a different perspective. Among them, the most widely used are water level measurement and industrial oil level measurement. But little known is that it is also used for the level monitoring of food-grade medium. From a conventional perspective, if you want to complete the measurement of food-grade medium must choose the sanitary level sensor, but the truth is not so simple.

In my opinion, only non-contact measurements of ultrasonic water level meters can achieve substantial results. Because whether the sensor uses sanitary diaphragm or not, it must contact with the medium, and in the process of measurement, the medium will inevitably be contaminated. However, ultrasonic water level meters can be used in a non-contact manner to detect changes in the level of any food-grade medium, such as beverages, cooking oil or alcohol. If we are measuring butter, we must consider the density of the medium and whether mechanical waves can penetrate the medium. By the way, using a large range of ultrasonic water level meters can improve measurement accuracy and reduce blind spots.

From the analysis of the above demonstration results, the ultrasonic water level meter has more advantages and more substantial effect than the contact level sensor.