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The importance of non contact infrared body thermometer

April 07, 2020

The research and development of non contact infrared body thermometer not only reflects the high-tech level, but also brings convenience for everyone. However, according to historical records, the development of the first contact mercury thermometer in the 16th century was hailed as "one of the greatest inventions", but up to 300 years later, only the non contact infrared body thermometer represents a "synonym" for the development of new age technology.

In modern life, non contact infrared body thermometer is mainly used in household and medical use. This is because the infrared light it emits does not harm human health, so it does not cause so-called "cancer." On the one hand, although the demand for contactless thermometers is now in short supply, it is a sign of market acceptance. Because of such a safe method of measurement, it is unanimously recognized as an infantile thermometer in most countries. On the other hand, the number of mercury thermometers is plummeting because mercury is so harmful that if we don't use it properly, it can turn into water vapor, which can be toxic. If the wastewater containing mercury is not treated up to standard, it will damage the ecological balance and human health. As a result, Sweden banned the sale of all mercury thermometers and medical equipment as early as 1992, followed by countries such as the UK and France.

It turns out that the use of non contact infrared body thermometer can not only protect health, but is also a globally recognized medical device. After 300 years, it's not just contactless and infrared technology, it's going to be more sophisticated.