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Got Liquids? We’ve Got a Solution.

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To Simplify the Process


When measuring liquids in storage or buffer tanks, choosing the correct industrial instrumentation solution can simplify installation, reduce maintenance and improve uptime. From monitoring the fill level in silos to detecting the storage level in containers, Holykell provide an effective solution for each type of level measurement task.


While the characteristics of liquids can vary, determining the most appropriate solutions doesnt need to be complicated. Below are important questions to consider that will help you determine which automation solution is right for your application.


Questions to Ask Yourself:

Is my liquid corrosive?

Can I use a contact solution?

What is the measuring range of my liquid? (tank height?)

Do I need the sensor to be hygienic (e.g., for food and beverage)?

By how much does the temperature of the liquids vary?

What accuracy/precision do I need?

Analog or switching output?

What is the plan for routine maintenance of the tank?

Answering these questions will help you give you a better idea of what your application requires and the type of solution needed. Holykell offers a wide range of solutions for accurate, continuous liquid level measurement, including guided radar sensors and ultrasonic sensors.

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