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Dairy Lift Station Liquid Level Sensor

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A North American dairy needed reliable level measurement in their wastewater pump lift stations, they turned to Holykell. Dairy farms produce large volumes of waste with high levels of organic and solid material, which can damage the environment. The proper collection, treatment, testing and disposal of waste streams are critical to dairy operations, and key to avoiding substantial EPA polluter fines. The process begins with waste collection in sumps that fill and transfer the waste into treatment. As garbage receptacles, sumps are challenging environments that contain anything from feces to food, dirt to hair, foam to vapor or chemicals to debris. For this reason, Holykell suggested the use of pulse radar sensors which are unaffected by such process conditions.  The result is reliable waste sump level measurement. Here, an radar level transmitter is bracket mounted and suspended over the top of the lift station. The IP68 sensor was easily configured using its remote push button display module, and the 4-20 mA signal is connected to the PLC for pump control.

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