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HPT619 wireless Groundwater level measurement

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Measuring tube with 150 mm diameter

No power supply available on site


Definition of tasks

Groundwater level measurement at multiple level measurement spots

Data logger installed in measuring tube

Stable and reliable data transmission

Extremely long lifetime without the need to replace the battery

Forwarding of measurement data to higher control system



A battery-powered GPRS level data collector with a directly connected pressure probe Holykell HPT619 has been used.

The very powerful battery and a very short measurement duration of less than 1 sec. per measurement allow a battery life of approx. 10 years.

Thanks to very compact dimensions and the high protection degree it was possible to place the data logger directly within the measuring tube.

Effective data compression as well as the special transmission method ensure uninterrupted transmission of readings. The connection to the customer process control system is carried out using the data portal .

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