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How To Tell If A Pressure Sensor is Good or Bad

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Holykell HPT200 series pressure sensor is one of the most widely used sensor products in industrial practice. It has the advantages of fast response frequency, high resolution, wide measurement range, wide application field and high measurement accuracy. When using a pressure sensor, how to detect the pressure sensor is very important. According to the purpose of detecting the pressure sensor, the detection items and methods will also be different. Holykell provides you with the following methods to check the quality of the pressure sensor:


The first is the appearance quality inspection of the pressure sensor


1. Appearance: The appearance of the sensor should be free from obvious flaws, scratches, and scratches. The joint threads should be free from burrs, rust and damage. The joints should be firmly connected and reliable. The

2. Other size and shape parameters characteristics should be consistent with the relevant national standards for pressure sensors.


Pressure sensor bridge and zero point detection


1. The detection of the bridge circuit mainly detects the correct circuit of the sensor. Generally, it is the Wheatstone full-bridge circuit, which uses the ohm range of the multimeter, the impedance between the input terminals, and the impedance between the output terminals. These two impedance It is the input and output impedance of the pressure sensor. If the impedance is infinite, the bridge is broken, indicating that the sensor has a problem or the pin definition is not correct. The


2. Zero point detection, using the multimeter's voltage file, to detect zero output of the sensor under no pressure. This output is generally mV voltage. If the sensor's specifications are exceeded, the zero deviation of the sensor is out of range.

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