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UE3006 Small-scale High Accuracy Ultrasonic Level/Distance Sensors

UE3000 Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter combines ultrasonic sensors,temperature sensors, ultrasonic servo circuit,transmission circuit and uses SMD components 

and ASIC which is developed together with the United States partner.

All gold-plated circuit boards, internal electromagnetic shielding and software digital filter are tested for (industrial) 48 hour under high and low temperature aging.

It promises higher and long-term reliability. Shell is made of solid texture and good NLEPF acoustic characteristics of synthetic material.

The body is shape sophisticated aesthetics, waterproof,dustproof, and can adapt to the most of working conditions on site. On liquid cans, the walls,

or equipment arm movement, it’s easy to install the UE3006 ultrasonic transmitter. There is no need of such tools as gongs nails,

as long as there is a M48 × 1.5 and M30*1.5 gongs hole.A very quick and easy installation, maintenance can be realized.


       Measuring Range0-1m...3m by customized.

UE3002, (Max 3m Range), Blind Area: 15cm

UE3005 (Max 1.2m Range), Blind Area: 1m6cm, 1.2m8cm

UE3006 (Max 3m Range), Blind Area:15cm (2m Range)  

UE3008 (Max 5m Range), Blind Area:30cm (5m Range)

Detection accuracy: 0.1%F.S. or 2mm (Max 1m Range); 0.25%F.S. or 3 mm (bigger 1m and Max 3m Range)

Supply: DC12-24V/50mA, power dissipation: 1.5W

Output: Voltage: 1 ~ 5V/ 0~5V/0~10V/1~10V

           ② Current: 4 ~ 20mA/ 0 ~ 20mA (loading big than 300 ohm)

           ③ Serial port: RS485 (Modbus)

           ④ PNP, NPN, Relay output optional (Max 2 channels)

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +60 ; Relative humidity: 0~95%; Working pressure: atmosphere pressure

Protection class IP65 (default); IP68 (custom, another exercise price please)

Installation gong pattern install G1-1/2’’ male or M30*1.5 male thread.

Wave beam Angle9° (UE3008: 12°)

Net weight: 332g

Measuring modeH-Value-added measurementE-D values; D-value measurementE-H values.

(According to user requirements, the factory Settings, as shown in the diagram)


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