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Holykell Foreign Sales Department’s Activity---A Beautiful Scenic Travel

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In the golden Autumn,Holykell family have arrived in the beautiful city (Xishuangbanna) for 5 days traveling .Xishuangbanna is the southern most prefecture of Yunnan Province.The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests, which are teeming with animals and plants.


The King of Plants

The region has 5,000 kinds of plants or about one-sixth of the total in China. This has earned it the renown and sobriquet "The moonstone on the Crown of the Kingdom of Plants".There are many tropical  flowers let’s dazzling .

The King of Tea Trees

The hometown of Chinese te, authorities say is at least 800 years old, continues to sprout, adding extraordinary splendor to the homeland of the famous Pu'er tea.

The King of Species Animals

Renowned as a huge natural zoo, Xishuangbanna's rain forest and monsoon jungles provide a habitat for nearly 1000 species of animals. Within thick and boundless forests wild elephants and wild oxen ramble about, with peacocks in their pride, gibbons at play, and hornbills whispering. That’s amazing view for us and experience different fun .

Chinese Minority Romantic Feelings
Holykell family experience the Dai people life style ,learn the health and happiness life and culture .


Keep moving and grateful to heart is the best gift for our travelling to Xishuangbanna.


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