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Development of Sensor New technology

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Development of Sensor New technology

Sensor is one kind component which can transform the physical quantity, chemistry quantity and the biomass into electrical signal. The output signal has the different forms like the voltage, the electric current, the frequency , the pulse and so on, which can satisfy the signal transmission, processing, recording, and demonstration and control demands. So it is the automatic detection system and in the automatic control industry. if automatic Technology is used wider, then sensor is more important. In information age, the information industry  include information gathering, transmission, process three parts, namely sensor techology, communication, computer technology. Because of ultralarge scale scale integrated circuit's rapid development after having been developed Modern computer technology and communication, not only requests sensor precision reliabilty, speed of response and gain information content more and more high but also requests its cost to be inexpensive.  The obvious traditional sensor is eliminated gradually because of the function, the characteristic, the volume, the cost and so on. As world develop many countries are speeding up to the sensor new technology's research and the devepment, and all has obtained the enormous breakthough. Now the sensor new techology developent mainly has following several aspects:

Using the physical phenomenon, the chemical reaction, the biological effect as the sensor principle therefore the researthes which discovered the new effect  are the sensor technology improving ways, it is important studies to development new sensor's the foundation. 

Using the immune body and the antigen meets one another compound when the electrode surface. It can cause the electrode potential change and use this phenomenon to be possible to generate the immunity sensor. The immunity sensor makes with this kind of immune body may to some organise in whether has this kind of ant original work inspesction.

The sensor material is the important foundation for sensor technology, because the materials science is progressive and the people may make each kind of new sensor. For example, making the temperature sensor with high polymer thin film; The optical fiber can make the pressure, the current capacity, the temperature, the displacement , Making the pressure transmitter with the ceramics.

The  ceramic electric capacity type pressure transmitter is one kind does not have the intermediary fluid the dry type pressure transmitter. Uses the advancd ceramic techology , the heavy film electronic technology, its technical performance is stable, the year drifting quanlity is smaller than 0.1%F.S, warm floats is smaller than 士0.15%/10K, anti overloads strongly, may reach the measuring range several hundred times. The survey scope may from 0 to 60mpa.

The Japanese horizontal river company uses various guides'corrosion technology to carry on the high accuracy three dimensional processing; the system helps the silicon resonance type pressure transmitter, The core partially presses two resonant Liang by the feeling which above the silicon diaphragm and the ailicon diaphragm manufactures to form, two reason Liang's frequency difference cprrespondence different method, may eliminate  the error which factor and so on ambient brings. When ambient temperature change, two resonant Liang frequuencics and the amplitude variation are same, after two frequency differences, its same change quantlty can countebalance mutually. It's survey most high accuracy may reach 0.01%F.S.


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