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PS900 Intelligent Digital Controller Introduction and Specification

PS900 Introduction


PS900 is an intelligent digital pressure controller, which is widely used in measurement and control field. PS900’s appearance is beautiful; key operation is simple; PS900 is capable of resisting interference.

PS900 is adopted with double-row structure with four digit bit in each row to show respectively measured value (PV) and set value (SV). Output available is: 4 ~ 20 mA or 0 ~ 10V. Systematic adjustment can automatically finish through keyboard operation, i.e., only pressing “” key to execute the adjustment. PS900 introduces photoelectric technology, watchdog, and special software to resist interference.

PS900 is generally connected with a high temp. melting sensor, and both of them form an excellent system to measure the pressure and temp. of the melting.  Meanwhile, PS900 can be used to control the operation of motors, which are embedded in other equipments.


Main Technical Parameters


(1)   Display Unit : double row structure with four LED digital bit, higher row for PV( measuring value) and lower row for SV( set value) .

(2)   Inner Divided Ratio : 32000

(3)   Outer Divided Ratio : 0.01MPa, 0.02MPa and 0.05MPa;

(4)   No linearity  : 0.05%+/-1 bit

(5)   Alarm Setting : 0 ~ 99.99MPa with two ways

(6)   Set Value of Relay : 250V AC, 5A

(7)   Working Atmosphere : -10 ~ +50’C, <=99%RH

(8)   Power Supply : 120V ~ 250V AC

(9)   Outer Dimension : 90-90-110 mm

(10) Output Signal : 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5V or 0 ~10V

Front Panel


Figure 1-1, front panel

u  Higher Display Unit: when in normal operation, display the measured pressure value. When modifying inner parameters, display parameter’s symbol.

u  Lower Display Unit: when in normal operation, display the set pressure value. When modifying inner parameters, display parameter’s value.


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