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HOLYKELL always devotes ourselves in specialty manufacturing pressure sensors,pressure transducer,pressure transmitters,level sensors,level transmitters, ultrasonic sensors and now we can apply nearly all kinds of sensor techniques in the field of electric pressure measurement. Owing to the devotion to electric pressure measurement techniques, our enterprise holds inimitable core competition in the industry. 

HOLYKELL pressure and level Instruments has been certified with ISO 9001 (2008) Enterprise Quality Management System by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and our products are approved by many international authority institutions for the certificates of CE and RoHS, intrinsic safety explosion-proof and isolated safety explosion-proof. Our employees with the professional and high quality will make sure to provide you with high-quality products and superior services at any time and at any place. Our products are widely applied in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, pharmacy, electricity, municipal works, environmental protection, food and paper-making. 

HOLYKELL Products Sorts: 

* mV signal ouput pressure sensors 
a. HPS200 Series Industry Pressure Sensors 
b. HPS131 Series High Temperature Melt Pressure Sensors 

* Voltage signal output pressure transducers 
a. HPT200 Series Configurable Industry Pressure Transducers 
b. HPT300 Series Refrigeration&Compressor Pressure Transducers 
c. HPT124 Series High Temperature Melt Pressure Transducers 
d. HPT600 Series Pressure Level Transducers 
e. HPT700 Series Differential Pressure Transducers 

f. HPT900 Series Special Purpose Pressure Transducers

* Current signal output pressure transmitters 
a. HPT200 Series Configurable Industry Pressure Transmitters 
b. HPT300 Series Refrigeration & Compressor Pressure Transmitters 
c. HPT124 Series High Temperature Melt Pressure Transmitters 
d. HPT600 Series Pressure Level Transmitters 
e. HPT700 Series Differential Pressure Transmitters

f. HK7 Series Smart Pressure&DP Transmitters

g. Agent Rosemount 1151/3051/3051s/2088/3095/2051/644/248.....

h. Agent Yokogawa, Rosemount, FUJI and Siemens pressure transmitters


*Ultrasonic Level & Distance Sensors/Meters

*Flow meters

*Temperature & Humidity Measurement Instruments

*Digital Display Indicators & Controllers

*Paperless Recorder





Sensors are fundamental elements in the control of industrial processes. We design and produce sensors for measuring such variables as pressure, temperature, level, flow, displacement and so on. All primary sensing elements are manufactured by HOLYKELL in its own clean room, environments that are protected from all types of interference and equipped with high-tech operating and control instruments.



Instruments and Meters

 HOLYKELL instruments and meters all elects from the domestic and foreign high quality producer and the business agent, the price is lowest, quality safeguard, technical engineer online communication, for customer solution extra worries.



Projects and Tech Support

 In view of various requirements & customer, HOLYKELL provides the specialized product and the plan adequate and systematic service. For the goal customer solute actual problems, the integrated construction and service support, under the safeguard product quality and the necessary compatible premise, completes the task which and the project highly effective decides.



HOLYKELL Products Application


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