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Holykell Compliance

Products Compliance


     Holykell products running on the way of high level industrial field. we are put products quality as life, So we are care of each products materials, chips, circulit, Components, manufacturing process, sensor's advance technology and so on.

     Holykell pressure sensors 60% import Germany and U.S.A formous brand Chips, for example GE, E+H, Keller and so on. for circuit board, which is ourselves developed and very mature and stability. especially we considered the circuit parts EMC requirements and compeleted meeting Europ CE standard. also holykell silicon piezoresistive sensor's pressure cycles more than 100,000,000 times. although holykell ceramic piezoresistive sensor's cyscles more than 8,000,000 times.

      Holykell manufacturing pressure sensors and cells on proffessional clear room and develop sensor's technilogy continue by our R&D team. new products always catch people's eyes and popular sale. along with the development of sensor's technical and craft. Holykell products quality on the head of China and with the world excellent companies standing on the same level.


After-Sales Compliance

    Holykell promise offer a valuable after sale services to clients, Holykell products standard warranty time is 12 months from clients received the goods. our 12 months warranty contains below responsibilities and obligations:

    a. warranty time is 12 months from clients got products.

    b. products warranty is aim to products quality problem, which is mean if clients received our products and operation correctly according our manuals or operation brochures and products will offer free repair or replacement if any failure.

    c. inside warranty condition free repair and replacement failure units, we will use our express account pick up and back to China, also we will afford the shipment charges from China to Clients office and Clients needs help retuen failure units to Holykell and clients must be write lower price/amount and free samples repair on the shipment invoice.

    d. if products is destory by worker's wrong operate, Holykell will help offer repair services(besides unable repair units after inspection   or confirmed by described from end users.) , for this type repair services, which is for value and just cost repair. the shipment charges come and back will in charges of by clients. 

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