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Liquid Level GPS/GPRS/GSM Wireless Monitoring System Solutions


. Solution Requirements

1.      Introduction

The solution is mainly including: wireless data transceiver terminal, level sensor and PC server comprehensive monitoring software.

The wireless data transceiver terminal is mounted on the outside of the tank. It is connected to level sensor by communication cable. It is used to collect level height detected by level sensor regularly, and transmission those data into software of PC server comprehensive monitoring software by GPRS/GSM, then those data can be checked and analyzed by customer.

The level sensor is submerged into bottom of tank to detect the current moment height of level.

The PC server must connect with internet that has the world unique public IP address. The comprehensive monitoring software is mounted into the PC server. It can receive all of level height that transmitted by wireless data transceiver terminal reliably, also show ,save and analyze the data, then the user can monitor and manage the level height of tank.


2.      System Operation Frame

The wireless data transceiver terminal is mounted on the outside of the tank, it’s connected to level sensor by communication cable. The level sensor is submerged into the bottom of tank. When the system is working on, the current moment data of all of wireless data transceiver terminal outside of tank will be sent to PC server in regularly time, and those data will be shown and saved on comprehensive monitoring software.  See below chart 1:


. Solutions Introduction

1.      Introduction

(1)The wireless data transceiver terminal is a central part, and it’s the important design of the whole system.

The wireless data transceiver terminal is designed to work on regularly. It needs to adjust into suitable power supply based on user’s requirements and working situation, it aims to ensure long working time.

So, there are two types of power supply for optional, one is battery, the other one is external power supply. The user can use 3.6V DC battery. It can be worked “time/dormancy”, to save power to ensure long working time. Or the user can choose 10V -36V DC external power supply, to avoid to using battery.

The wireless data transceiver terminal is IP65 grade water proof. The cable is with high strength and anti-corrosion, to provide power to level sensor and get the height level data.

(2)Regards to the design of communication, in order to ensure the system operation and reliable of data transceiver because of the distance, then GSM/GPRS wireless communication are adopted. Wireless multi-band communication is 850MHz/ 900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz. The user will only need to input a SIM card which covers the band. 

(3)The comprehensive monitoring software needs to receive and deal with monitoring data detected by at least 100 wireless data transceiver terminals. It has high requirements of software operation and processing ability, hardware configuration of PC server, as well as network. It is designed on NET technology and developed and maintained by HOLYKELL Technology Co.,Ltd. It can be operated by Windows XP, Windows 7 etc. The user can check the level of tank and set the basic functions by software.

(4)The level sensor adopt digital pressure transmitter, is IP68 grade water proof. The measurement accuracy is 0.25% F.S. It is featured with stable operation, high reliability and small size.


2.      The Structure And Installation Instruction

The wireless data transceiver terminal is connected with level sensor by communication cable, please see below initial frame chart 2:


The design contains buttons, LCD display, 3.6V DC battery and SIM card which is mounted on the back shell of the wireless data transceiver. The level sensor is submerged into the bottom of the tank to measure the level. The wireless data transceiver will be connected with tank through NPT1 port. The whole housing is safe, water proof, easy to install and maintain. The final installation instruction will be determined by user’s unique working situation.

1.      Tank level wireless monitoring system performance index

The system can meet client actual requirement, adopts modular design principles, saves labor cost and installation time. It’s easy to install and maintain. The reached performance index as below:


Item   No


The   reached performance index


System   working temperature

-40     to 70


Data   sending frequency

1   time/30 min (3-1000min, can be set)





Level   range

0-60   M Level (customized)


Level   Sensor Accuracy:



Probe   materials:

316   SST


Battery   life

Use   No.1 ER34651M,14.5AH,can work 350 days under 1 time/hour


Water   proof

The   wireless data transceiver terminal:IP65

Level   sensor:IP68


Communication   band



The   comprehensive monitoring software

Can   be operated on Windows XP & Windows 7



. Communication Protocol

   The communication protocol is defined by Holykell Technology Co.,Ltd.


. System List of Packing:


Items No.

Product Name

Products Model & Details


Data   Transceiver Terminal with level sensors and cable

Model:   HPT619



Server   Software (English Version)



Connectors,   Manuals and Label/Nameplate



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