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                                            Different Instruments For Fuel Level Measurement In Holykell

 1. For Open and Sealed Fuel Tank Level Monitor Application

    Recommended Holykell Products Model as following:

a. HPT604 Submersible Pressure Level Transducers--for Open tanks height more than 0.5 meters.

(Standard Accuracy: 0.5 to 1.0 m height tank level accuracy is 1%F.S. and above 1m height tank level accuracy is 0.5%F.S.)


b. HPT200-H Complete Wetted Pressure Transducers----for Open tanks level measurement and Thread Mounting On Tank Outside Bottom Side, Usually use for overground or Indoor tanks level measurement. this type sensors needs open a thread hole on tank bottom side for mounting. accuracy is optional from 0.5%F.S. to 0.1%F.S. 


c. HPT621 Capacitance Digital Fuel Level Sensors/Probe----for open and sealed tank height from 10cm to 180cm.

(Standard Accuracy: 0.5%F.S. and Resolution is 0.01mm, which is fixed probe length and unable cut off on local. usually needs clients confirm each tanks height for place order. but this sensor very good performance, which is with high accuracy, stablilty output and support local calibrate zero and span output, standard output signal is 0-5V 3 wires type and with another 2 wires shield for calibration. )


d. UE2000 Explore Proof Ultrasonic Level Meters----for open and sealed fuel tanks level measurement, tank min height is 200 cm more. usually use for vessel fuel tank level measurement/monitor.




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